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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Info Post
The first copy of the book has been received.
Much joy has permeated through the family - with my sister doing her version of banshee screaming on Twitter. My grandmother doesn't know yet, I think. Once she does, there will be more excitement and tears!

It is a major kick to see one's name on print (as opposed to computer screens). And on computer screens too, when it is on an online bookstore. A shameless self-promotion tab to the right links the places where you can pre-order the book at discounts ranging from 15-20%.
A tech-savvy colleague has discovered the book on Amazon as well, at a princely price of $22.50. Since the  e-book is not available yet, he also recommends putting a request on Amazon to make it available on Kindle.

Till the e-book happens, do facilitate the killing of a few trees by buying the paper version of the book!

UPDATED TO ADD: My editor informs me that it should be in stores by next week. It better be. Threats of bodily harm in case of delays are being communicated to me as we speak!  


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