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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I am slowly but surely edging into into the Celebrity Circuit.

About a month or two back, a friend published her first book of poems and that too, by the Sahitya Akademi - no less! When I met her after the Delhi launch, I was too tongue-tied to ask her even if it was the same Akademi, which awards Vikram Seth and Anita Desai every now and then. Considering that Mr Seth was also awarded for a book of poems, she is obviously in august company.

Now, another ex-colleague has published his first book. When he told me about this about a year back, I assumed that he is going the Chetan Bhagat route of lad lit and would come up with a tale of a MBA who sells soap in Bihar (which he did)! Evidently, I had underestimated him. He is actually going the Deepak Chopra way.
A self-help book for the 'Dil Chahta Hai' Generation (as he calls it) is fantastically priced and is likely to be available everywhere you would hope to find it. He is a FMCG marketer, after all!

So, I know two authors and very soon, I will be standing next to them at an art exhibition, holding a glass of white wine and talking about our long association.
Actually, I know one more celebrity who is big enough to have been attacked, her site vandalised and sent into hiding temporarily! But I cannot name her. As it is, more people come here looking for her than for me!


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