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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The technologically-challenged-me (apart from being terribly busy) is terribly kicked with a 'search keyword' functionality added to my blog. Which tells me what people are searching for as they stumble on to this blog...

The highest keyword search is Mad Momma. How come people come here when they can go to the real thing?

A random selection of the other searched keywords:

* Boy Mukherjee (Joy Mukherjee's elder son. Elder brother of Toy Mukherjee. I swear on
my Sarkar DVD that I am not kidding!)

* Horniest race (:-o)

* All movies of Divya Bharti (Hang in there. I am putting this on my to-do list.)

* Films of Rehana Sultana (It is Rehana Sultan, actually. One day I will write about the missing A of Sultan.)

* Has Shahrukh Khan got a brain tumour? (Aaarrggghhh... I hope not! In any case, how do I know?)

* Ganja party Calcutta IIM (I haven't been to one. Not in IIM, at least.)

* Yeh zindagi hai ek jua kabhi jeet bhi (Nilendu, call for you...)

* Cases of malaria in Chembur Mumbai in the month of Nov 2007 (WHAT THE FFFF...)

And the final one, which brings tears to my eyes in deference to the inquisitive spirit of the seeker...
Rape scenes of sonam in govinda's movie

I will be back. I will have to be...


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