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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Its Friday again!
AAANNNDDD.... we are back with the second trailer of Kitnay Aadmi Thay? as the copies look to tumble out of the press any moment now.
<Insert bhaiyon, behnon, dil thaam ke etc speech in Ameen Sayani's voice>

So, as promised, here is the second quiz based on yet another chapter of the book.
(And I am still going with the KAT Scan. Thought of doing a pun like KATrina, KATey nahin kaTtey etc but felt serious readers *snigger snigger* would get put off.)

The last chapter of the book is Picture Abhi Baaki Hai: 15 Unusual The Ends - which takes a look at how Bollywood ends it movies.
Therefore, this quiz is on the end-frames of Hindi movies.

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1. A very popular way to end a film - a family portrait. Which family is it?
2. Typically, fluorescent clothing and apparel (in this case, violins!) are the hallmarks of either huge hits (Yaarana) or huge flops. Which movie is this from?
3. Arguably, Amitabh's most successful romantic pairing was with Parveen Babi. Which movie is this romantic closure from?
4. Name this mystery thriller starring the biggest star of the 1970s, which made a request similar to Psycho ("Please don't give away the ending. It is the only one we have.")
5. What is this inverted triangle in front of twin doors supposed to signify? Who are inside those two doors?

6. Love, peace, hair grease. Thus ends which reincarnation saga?
Bloody difficult question!
7. Simple. Which film?
8. Probably the only film (apart from Waisa Bhi Hota Hai Part II) that had a connection between its opening frame and closing frame. Name the film.

Can you see how deadly this book is?
The first chapter is one on innovative title sequences. The last one is on interesting end frames. What more do you want?
Oh, you pervert! Go and follow @iPoonamPandey for all that. There is only good, clean fun in this book.
Note to parents with school-going children: The book is U-rated. Okay, U/A (Parental guidance). But buy one copy for each kid, so that they don't fight with each other.
(Classy sales pitch, no?)


1. As most people have said, it is the Sharma-Shankar family from Gol Maal.
2. Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja – the huge flop that spend tons of money on Sridevi’s costumes, Anil Kapoor’s stunts and fluorescent violins.
3. Mukhtar Singh ka naam toh tumne suna hoga? Kaalia is the film.
4. Benaam, in which AB was persecuted by an unnamed adversary.
5. Hema-Dharmendra and Hema-Sanjeev of Seeta Aur Geeta were being urged to practice family planning (and presumably, safe sex too).
6. Neel Kamal. Sorry about the ‘hair grease’ non-sequitur.
7. Chupke Chupke.
8. Waqt. Many people have named the opening line also.


7.5 – Straight Cut (for demanding extra 0.5 points for efforts AND giving a cool trivia on Karz)
7.0 – Avishek, Abhishek Mukherjee
6.0 – Plaban Mohanty
5.0 – JN, Manish Mittal, Pankaj Parashar, SG, Shazia, Thequark
4.0 – M, Meghbalika, Pallavi, Rahul (lost points by adding Ram aur Shyam behing Seeta aur Geeta), Vikram Bondal
3.0 – Kaptain Kantaap, Khalil Sawant
2.5 – Kuntala (0.5 points as early bird prize)
2.0 – Banno, Dhinvira, Gargi Mehra, KeepingItSimple, Korak Dutta


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