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Monday, September 26, 2011

Have you ever heard of anything called Duology? Neither have I. 
So, to complete the Trilogy of Bollywood quizzes, here is my third instalment.
The title of the post is taken from a Guru Dutt-Waheeda Rehman starrer, with an OP Nayyar soundtrack (including the song Tum jo hue mere humsafar...)

1.      In Omkara, every character was named with the same initial as their original name in the play (Othello = Omkara, Desdemona = Dolly, Cassio = Kesu etc) – except one. Then why did Iago become Langda Tyagi?
2.      Which film is the famous pose of RK Studio’s logo taken from?
3.      Who played Murarilal in Anand?
4.      To which two people was the film Johnny Gaddaar dedicated?
5.      Which film was advertised as ‘Ageless as Asia, Exciting as Europe’?
6.      In Bluffmaster, what was the number of the taxi Abhishek Bachchan used to chase a thief stealing his car?
7.      In the film Traffic Signal, in which year Kunal Khemu’s character born?
8.      Between which two stations was the ‘1:40 ka Last Local’ supposed to ply?
9.      In how many films have Amitabh Bachchan and Rakesh Roshan appeared together?
10.  From which state was Anamika Kapoor’s brother selected for the National Swimming Championship?
11.  In which of his films has Yash Chopra made an on-screen appearance?
12.   Of the films whose titles have been taken from songs of other films (e.g. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, taken from Chor Machaye Shor), which is the first to have a Filmfare award for Best Film?

1.  His name was indeed Ishwar Tyagi. In the film, Vivek Oberoi called him 'Issu-bhaiya' and the end-credits mentioned it as well.
2. Barsaat was the film with the wilting Nargis and tilting Raj Kapoor.
3. No-one. Asit Sen, Johnny Walker and an unknown soul were charged with 'Qutab Minar pe beer pilake out kar diya tha...' but they were not guilty.
4. Vijay Anand and James Hadlee Chase. The former's famous film name was borrowed while Neil Nitin Mukesh read the latter's book in the film.
5. Sangam - Raj Kapoor's pan-European, Eastmancolour masterpiece.
6. The taxi was indeed the one driven by Nana Patekar in Sippy Films' next venture - 9211.
7. Kunal Khemu's character was called Silsila because he was born in 1981, when the film released.
8. Kalyan to Kurla, shown on the train quite well. 
9. They have done each other a good turn and appeared as a guest in the other's films. AB was a guest in Preeti Ganguly's dreams in Khatta Meetha while RR was a guest in the John Jaani Janardhan song of Naseeb.  Nobody has got this one.
10. Anamika Kapoor told us the story of her brother, Nikhil - who represented Goa in swimming.
11. Yash and Pamela Chopra appeared as a love-struck couple in the opening credits of Dil To Paagal Hain.
12. Hum Hain Raahi Pyaar Ke is the first, beating DDLJ by a couple of years. And Maine Pyar Kiya can hardly be a unique song line, no?

Abhishek Mukherjee scores 10.5 and makes it bit of an no-contest. I think I will give him a Lifetime Achievement award and bar him from participating.
Tejaswi - 1.
BollywoodDeewana - 7.
Shazia - 4.
Ketan - 2.
HijiBijBij - 2.
Ilina - 3
Sumit - 4.
Kunal Mistry - 2
Pallavi - 4
Sandeep Padia - 2.
Bits of Chocolate - 3
Amit - 8. 
Sudeshna - 1
M - 7.
Last Anon - 2.

All in all, a fantastic participation this time. Almost all the readers of this blog participated!
Normal programming will resume soon. Coming up: Random Movies I Like: Toofan!


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