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Friday, December 24, 2010

Info Post
I went to my son's school this week to get an end-term report of my son's progress.
Nowadays, schools insist parents land up once every term (that's at least twice a year) to know how the kids are doing in school. I spent 12 years trying to keep my parents away from school and was quite successful at it (since my parents never turned more than 2-3 times in that entire period and that too, once because I had to be almost physically carried because of an illness). So, this whole thing is very scary.
For the kid and the parent.

More for the parent, because I am very unsure of the politically correct terms used to describe children nowadays.
I was 'disobedient'. My son 'has a mind of his own'.
I was 'naughty'. My son is 'physically active'.
I was 'unsocial'. My son 'takes time to make friends'.

Anyway - while browsing through my son's workbooks, I spotted a few interesting things on the pages and took pictures. Here they are...
(Disclaimer: Interesting may only apply to certain individuals viz. the parents of the child.)

I think I am most proud of the last one... Mind of his own, indeed!


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