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Friday, May 4, 2012

Today, the Prince of Calcutta takes on his erstwhile kingdom in – what is being called – the most anticipated match in this year’s IPL. Calcuttans and Bengalis the world over have chosen this match to teach Shah Rukh Khan a lesson for treating our Prince badly.
Today, I am in a minority among Bengalis (and Indians) as I support KKR – like I have done for the last five years.

I hate Sharad Pawar. I hate N Srinivasan. I hate whoever the Chairman of selectors is. But I don’t support Australia when they play India. I have a million grouses against the way Indian cricket is run but I still scream my lungs out when Dhoni plays the helicopter shot to hit a six. And I share this hate-love emotion with a billion Indians. I cannot think of a single Indian – except probably Srikkanth – who loves BCCI.

Strangely, Bengalis and Calcuttans have chosen to do the opposite. Probably because IPL is not real cricket and more of a carnival. I am sure if Sourav goes on to coach, say, New Zealand, the same people will not cheer for them when they play India.

Since the grouse is against the owner and not against the city, the anger should also be directed that way.
Don’t buy KKR jerseys. Don’t buy the products SRK endorses. Boycott brands which sponsor KKR. Most importantly, don’t buy the stadium tickets. By paying big bucks to go to Eden Gardens (and cheer for Pune), you are actually strengthening the franchise (and thereby reducing the chance of someone else buying it out).
Support Kolkata, not SRK. 

I love Sourav Ganguly. But not more than I love Calcutta.
This is my city and my team. And I will not let a stammering ham take it away from me.

Go Kolkata!


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