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Thursday, April 28, 2011

(Published in on 28 April, retrieved from

As royal wedding mania continues, here's a list of secret diary extracts that the Clarence House and White House have no clue about. Sadly enough, exclusive schools don't focus on calligraphy. If you're unable to read any of this, you can read it in print after the pictures.

Phew! Now that we're sure, I can finally stop making that list of 'Diplomatic responses to possible race-related wisecracks by Phil'.

- Barack Obama

Oh, dear! Another commoner enters the family! Thank goodness this one's not been married before. One would think our country was a democracy...erm...maybe I should hide this away.

- Elizabeth R

Hehehe, I love sniffing out the wifey's diaries. If I could slip her some skunk, maybe we can finally snog in public, eh? ;-)

- Philip

I just can't wait to be King! Oh...uh, earworm. That's all. Yeah, that's all, folks.

- Charles

I didn't break my leg trying to kill myself because of succession hiccups! And, of course, I didn't take a good-luck wish literally! Pah, the press is a royal pain! Oooohhh! I just made my first royal pun! Let me show this to Pa. He'll love it!

- Camilla
22-1 on Wombat splitting his trousers...hmm, maybe I should put some money in this. Oh, hey, 25-1 on me forgetting the ring, dropping the ring...hmm, getting drunk too. Now, which would be the most fun? Oh boy, indecisiveness runs in my genes, doesn't it....

- Harry Wales

Not Jecca, not Bella, not Rose. What've I got myself into?? Let's hope I blurt out the right name! Kate, Kate,, no, no, Catherine, Catherine, Catherine...

- William
Please, dear God, I don't care if I have a wardrobe malfunction, fall flat on my face, whatever...but, please, please, let no one think of 'The Princess and the Poo'

- Catherine Middleton

- Sandip Soparrkar and Jesse Randhawa


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