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Friday, November 12, 2010

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At the express request of @Sandeip, here is a Feluda Quiz. Wanted to do this for quite some time but escaped my mind. Better late than never...
Please leave answers as comments (which are moderated for the time being). The correct answers - and equally importantly, the highest scorers - will be revealed Monday evening (IST). 

Ladies and gentlemen - presenting 10 questions on my favourite detective!

1. Feluda stays on Rajani Sen Road. Where does Sidhu Jyatha stay?

2. a. What was the name of the film which was based on Jatayu's novel, Bombaiyer Bombetey?

2. b. In which Calcutta cinema did the film complete a silver jubilee run?

3. Captain Spark has a dwarf assistant. What's his name and nickname?

4. When (For what) did Feluda first come to Lucknow?

5. Who is the villain of the story - Feluda-r shongey Kashi-tey (In Kashi, with Feluda)?

6. Apart from Gupi Gayin Bagha Bayin, which is the only other Satyajit Ray film that is mentioned in a Feluda story?

7. Dungru. Joychand Boral. Rudrasekhar. What's common?

8. In Ghurghutiyar Ghatona, what was combination code for opening the safe?

9. In which US University did Nihar Ranjan Dutta conduct his researches in Biochemistry?
Bonus points if you can name the font used by the University for their stationery.

10. Despite being carnivorous, polar bears don't eat penguins. Why? And which Feluda story tells you the answer?

Yes, yes - I know. I wrote hajaar gyaan on what makes a good quiz question and I flouted every one of them in this one.
But then, this quiz is not really about knowledge as it is about nostalgia. No?

Caveat: Since the questions were set in one quick burst, it did not have too much (read: any) research. I realised later that it is bloody unfair towards those who read the books in translation. But then, going through life without knowing Bengali itself is a bit unfair.
So, here are the answers:

1. Sardar Shankar Road. Everybody seems to have got this one.

2. a. Jet Bahadur
2. b. Paradise. To celebrate, Jatayu bought his car - a second-hand Mark II Ambassador (green).

3. Khudiram Rakshit - who is called Khude (literally, small) Raxit or simple, Raxit. What a wonderful pun!

4. He came to play cricket, as a spinner for Calcutta University.

5. This is a bit of an unfair googly - though many spotted it. This is not really a Feluda story but Satyajit Ray's recounting of the incidents during the shooting of Joi Baba Felunath in Benaras.

6. Not answered by anybody. In Robertson-er Ruby, they discuss the rocky face of Western Bengal and mention it as the place where Abhijan is shot. Here's a poster (showing the place)!

7. They are the three narrators of portions that are unseen by Topshe - in Hatyapuri, Golapi Mukto Rahasya and Tintoretto-r Jishu respectively.

8. (is the Bengali version). But two people have the same answer (340910), which leads me to think that the code was probably changed in translation.

9. Michigan University. And the font is Garamond, which is a vital clue.

10. This is another cheap shot (typical of an erstwhile quizmaster, whose first name rhymes with that of GreatBong). Of course, polar bears don't eat penguins because they are 'poles apart'. That, penguins are found in the South Pole is revealed in Dr Munshi-r Diary. That story (or any other one) has no mention of polar bears!

Two Bongs - Indrayan and Abhishek - tie at 10 points each (out of a maximum possible of 13 since I had allocated 2 points each to Qs 9 and 10).

Happy reading once again!


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