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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Info Post
Since I have not been posting for a very long time, the easiest way to break the blogger's block is to take a tag! Mad Momma usually does about 12 tags a week, so it is easiest to take one from her.

Eight Things I am Passionate About
1. Formatting
2. Children knowing their mother tongue
3. Biriyani
4. Letting people be
5. Imaginative names
6. Books
7. Indian Cinema
8. Calcutta

Eight Things I Want To Do Before I Die
1. Stay at Oberoi Udaivilas.
2. Eat at Indigo.
3. Buy an original Bikash Bhattacharya painting.
4. Go back to my maternal grandparents' place in Dibrugarh (Assam).
5. Watch a World Cup Final match starring Brazil
6. Attend the Film Appreciation Course at FTII
7. Buy the complete Asterix set (and get the complete Tintin set free!)
8. Watch a Rajanikanth movie. First day first show!

Eight Places I Want to Visit
1. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
2. Venice
3. 221B Baker Street, London
4. Jaisalmer
5. Selexyz Dominicanen in Maastricht, Netherlands.
6. Ladakh
7. The Louvre, Paris
8. Disneyland (with my son)

Eight Things I Say Often
1. ...and stuff like that.
2. What rubbish?
3. Korena, buro. (Don't do that - to my son!)
4. Aisa hi hota hain.
5. Sathiya gaya hain, kya?
6. Kiii??? (Whaaat???)
7. One plate mutton biriyani.
8. Kya baat kar raha hain?

Eight Books I Have Read Recently
1. Shaam-e-Awadh: Writings on Lucknow (edited by Veena Talwar Oldenburg)
2. South by South East (Anthony Horowitz)
3. Fantasies of a Bollywood Love Thief (Stephen Alter)
4. The End of Marketing As We Know It (Sergio Wyman)
5. Brochure of the Neemrana Group of Hotels (!)
6. Lashkar (Mukul Deva)
7. Apu And After: Revisiting Ray's Cinema (edited by Moinak Biswas)
8. Eating India (Chitrita Banerjee) - Actually, I am reading this one right now!

Eight Songs I Can Listen to Again and Again
1. Aanewala pal jaanewala hain - Golmaal
2. Allah ke bande - Waisa Bhi Hota Hain Part II
3. She's a woman to me - Billy Joel
4. Je raatey mor duaarguli bhanglo jhorey - Meghey Dhaka Tara
5. Pyaar karnewale pyaar karte hain shaan se - Shaan
6. Mera dil bhi kitna paagal hain - Saajan
7. Humne tumko dekha tumne humko dekha - Khel Khel Mein
8. Gorgeous Hamesha - Jingle from the Parachute Advansed ad

Eight Things That Attract Me to My Friends
1. Sense of Humour
2. Love for food
3. Eloquent speech or expressive writing or both
4. Laziness
5. Knowledge about arbitrary trivia
6. Confidence
7. Passion for what they believe in
8. Ability to be calm

I will pass the Eighth Topic on tagging eight innocent bystanders!


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