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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Javed Akhtar - who refuses to write obscene lyrics at all costs - recently professed being jealous of Gulzar for writing Beedi. He wished that he had written the song. And I felt that if Beedi was written by Indeevar, instead of Gulzar, it would have been the subject of a least a dozen Obscenity in Bollywood talk shows!
Na gilaaf, na lihaaf / No quilt, no sheets
Thandi hawa bhi khilaf - sasuri / In the cold weather
Itni sardi hain ki kisiki lihaf lei le / It's so cold that I could take someone's quilt
Ja padosi ke chulhe se aag lei le / Or go and take fire from the neighbour
Beedi jalai le jigar se piya / Light up your fire from my body
Jigar ma badi aag hain / My body is hot enough
'Padosi ke chulha' could have a lot of connotations - depending on your point of view. Of course, you could argue that what else would expect Billo Chaman Bahar to sing in front of a rustic crowd, but that's what Indeevar has been saying all this while as well!

Which brings me (finally, phew!) to what I set out to write in the first place... I really must stop this digressing I do for every post!
Anyway, I just wanted to jot down the lyrics of two of Javed Akhtar's lesser known songs and the zany words he has penned for them.

The first one was one of his earlier films as lyricist - Mr India.
He wrote a completely crazy song called Hawa Hawaii, which started with an operatic rendition of the following words... Chi Hua Hua, Honolulu, Hong Kong, King Kong, Mombasa, I see Lucy, Lassi Pisi...
Completely in sync with the over-the-top setting of the song and an apt prequel to an equally zany song in Roop Ki Rani, Choron Ka Raja - which included a song where Sridevi's lines were composed only of words starting with ch - and one line went Chandni Chowk mein chatey chutney...

The second one is Dard-E-Disco from the blockbuster of the year!
When SRK is thrusting his pelvis while showing off his six-packs, he is mouthing lyrics that veer between high-flying Urdu and the complete inane. I keep hearing words like gulposhiyon ka mausam, abr-e-karam, phoota khwabon ka goobbara. But then, the words he rhymes with Disco are amazing!
* Ab phirta hoon main London, Paris, New York, LA, San Francisco...
* Dil tod gaya, mujhe chhod gaya woh pichhle mahine ki chhabbis ko...

I am now wondering what other lines can be written to rhyme with Disco?
* Late hua jo party mein toh ab khao, piyo aur khisko...
* Irfan Pathan ne kiya out kiya Kiwi Scott Styris ko...
Any other bright ideas?


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